Twenty Four Parts
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Student Work: Poster Series, Museum of Contemporary Art, 2012
—Benjamin Lee

Show/s exhibits the work/s of one/eighteen student/s in the 2013 Yale Graphic Design MFA program. The show/s, reconfigured not as one/many but many/one temporary exhibition/s, span/s the course of one/eleven day/s and stretch/es through one/multiple space/s in one/four gallery/galleries. Each/all show/s present/s a/many singular/collective perspective/s on the one/many connection/s between/among the work/s as it/they multiply/multiplies across platform/s and accumulate/s throughout the duration/s of the exhibition/s.
May 11-21, 2013Closing party/parties: Saturday, May 18, 8pm
Yale School of Art Green Gallery/Galleries1156 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT
Mon-Fri: 10am-6pmSat-Sun: 12pm-6pm
Schedule/s of show/s and event/s available at
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Show/s is arranged by and display/s the work/s of Ming Bai, Xavier Cerrilla, Matthew Chrislip, Njoki Gitahi, JangHyun Han, SuckZoo Han, Tiffany Hockin, Eric Hu, Azusa Kobayashi, Jen Lee, Qiuye Liu, Robert Matthews, Cecilie Nellemann, Julia Novitch, Jessica Svendsen, Chris Svensson, Stefan Thorsteinsson, and Ghazaal Vojdani.
Student Work: Poster Series, Museum of Contemporary Art, 2012
— Benjamin Lee


thisiscatalogue: Nice poster design and great looking event - WERKSCHAU of works by students of all semesters at the Department of Design at the University of Darmstadt.

Students working on an architectural model of a future Art Center campus in a project taught by Kem Weber. Gift of Irene Vermeers (PHOT 1937). Photography by Irene Vermeers.

eeeeh, I remember this, GDH with Ramone—the best

#420 Black matter – A new minimal geometric composition each day