Twenty Four Parts
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experiments in projection

Bureau Mirko Borsche – paper and video
Audrey Assad, Fortunate Fall
_Quarterly Issue 10
Justin Sloane, Jesse Hlebo, Eric Hu, Dena Yago
Within the United States, the accepted notions of private and public have melded into one singular definition laced with authoritarian control. State-mandated boundaries in the forms of public parks, neighborhoods, no-fly zones, and constant streams of surveillance, maintain a precarious balance between the illusions of freedom and safety. 

"The Internet may have been the single biggest graphic-design educator in history. Suddenly millions of people were grappling with the implications of graphic design: a website, after all, is 100% pixels/0% bricks. Overnight everyone became a connoisseur. Ironically the design explosion of the last 20 years has transformed the situation from no one understanding graphic design to everyone becoming a graphic designer. What was once imperiled by obscurity is now threatened by ubiquity."

—Michael Rock

It’s Nice That
Stefan Sagmesiter, The Happy Show
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Multiple Signatures

Michael Rock : 2 x 4

#455 Test pattern – A new minimal geometric composition each day