Twenty Four Parts
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Tower of Babel
"An anthology of transgressing borders in art and architecture," 1st edition.
The Diggers by Vincent Van Gogh —1889
Blue Cadillac by Richard Estes — 1967
"I have to tell you" —workshop with Karel Martens at Yale School of Art. September 2–19
Our logotype grew fur.
Art + Environment Conference 2014
Edward Hopper psychedelic gifs, Ibon Mainar

Lorraine Wild

Spotted Underground: A Hopper Drawing subway poster showcasing the Whitney’s new identity.  
Discover Hopper’s masterpieces, including Nighthawks (1942), Early Sunday Morning (1931) and New York Movie (1939), and the preparatory drawings and sketches which inspired them. On view now. 
The Peter Saville Show, 2003 — Graphic Thought Facility